Yellowtards blinded by hatred for Mocha Uson to notice that other issues exist!

Nowadays, every other tweet coming from the Yellowtards is all about Mocha Uson; specifically on the topics of her involvement as promoter of the Federalism campaign of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Most of these tweets deride the style and content of Mocha Uson's messaging and have become an outrage fad amongst the chattering classes.

This is as if it is surprising at all that Mocha Uson is promoting Federalism the way she is -- using sexual inuendo and slapstick humour.

What is really remarkable is how the supposedly uppity "disente" crowd of Yellowtardom have been those that had responded the most to the Mocha Uson brand. The irony flies above their pointed heads: the Mocha Uson brand works.

They should learn from the way that other genius of mass appeal branding -- Eat Bulaga -- remains a powerful media force after decades of existence. "Disente" is no match for basic style when it comes to appealing to the broad public base. The Yellowtards need to come up with a better strategy to capture broad public attention and more votes. In a democracy, after all, what is popular is what wins.


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