Wondering why the Marcoses aren't in prison? Simple. Ask the Yellowtards. #RememberNinoy

It's become fashionable nowadays to wax poetic about the "horrors" of the "Martial Law years" and how these alleged horrors continue to cast a shadow over Philippine politics today. That has been a talent of Yellowtardom exhibited over the last 30 years -- keeping Martial Law Crybabyism fashionable.

The reality is more confronting, however. The shrill din of Martial Law Crybabies masks a more stark reality -- that under the watch of the Yellowtards, none of the supposed "injustices" perpetrated under the "Marcos regime" were rectified.

Now we see them issuing their lame melodramatic laments around the continued prominence of the Marcoses in Philippine politics. Yet none of them question who actually failed to put them in prison (if, in fact, they deserved to be imprisoned to begin with).

For that matter, one wonders: why all the noise about the Marcoses when what is really astounding is the silence surrounding Marcos's top Martial Law henchmen -- Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos? The earlier is a former Senate President and the latter a former Philippine President.

If anything, it is the Yellowtards who have much to answer for when it comes to taking stock of "injustice" in the Philippines. They were, after all, the dominant oligarchs over much of Philippine history post 1986. It's time for the right questions to be asked.


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