Why look to the President in times of bad weather?

Pounding monsoon rains and typhoons are a routine occurrence in the Philippines. By now, Filipinos should have disaster response down pat at the local level. Yet, year in and year out, Filipinos are consistently caught flat-footed by the next storm or flood. And everytime it is to whoever is sitting in Malacanang that they look to for salvation.

The worst thing about calls to current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte today is that most of it is being issued by "influencers" of the Opposition with a tinge of malice. The calls are not genuine. They are delivered with scorn with the intent to entrap rather than contribute to ameliorating a bad situation.

It is easy to see through the nefarious agenda of Yellowtards who try to "trend" hashtags like #NasaanAngPangulo on social media. Their intent is to lure Duterte into a damn-if-you-do-damn-if-you-don't debacle. He shows up and makes a statement and they nitpick it to pieces. He doesn't show up and he's suddenly an "absent president". You can't win.

Calls for the president to be visible in times of crisis are legitimate calls. But coming from a malicious Opposition such as this one led by the Yellowtards, such calls are no more than just poison.


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