Do the Philippines' Catholic Bishops deserve kicks in the ass? Yes they do!

Bishops of the Philippines' Roman Catholic Church do indeed deserve a wake up call. If that call comes in the form of a boot up their asses, then so be it. Amen!

The Philippines' Catholic hierarchy have long presided over the delivery of misleading and often downright false information. They have, for example, fought tooth-and-nail against measures to implement long-overdue population control measures and reproductive health initiatives to empower and improve the lives of tens of millions of impoverished Filipinos.

This misinformation on a national scale is done via dishonest means -- using emotional blackmail and the exploitation of Filipinos' deeply-ingrained religious and superstitious fears. They deliver their drivel through the abuse of a popular Filipino Sunday pasttime -- the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Rather than focus on sermons that delve into spiritual matters, Filipino priests use the pulpit to spew the Church's position on matters of national politics.

It is time Filipinos say ENOUGH to the Philippine Catholic Church's abuse of the trust Filipinos have placed upon it to look after their spiritual needs. Time to kick the asses of these dishonest bishops!


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