Incompetent "vice president" Leni Robredo at the centre of a succession crisis gripping the Philippines

What are Filipinos to do? On many occassions, current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his weariness with his job raising the possibility that he would step down given the opportunity. The trouble is, the person supposedly set to replace him should this happen, the current "vice president" Leni Robredo, is seen my many Filipinos as being too incompetent to fill as vital a role as President of the Philippines.

Robredo has so far failed to exhibit any sort of leadership or statesmanship chops befitting a potential president of a nation of 100 million. Despite being seen to be "leader" of the Opposition, she has exhibited no evidence that she is up to that job either. For that matter, the idea of a "vice president" leading the Opposition does not even make sense to begin with!

To make matters worse, evidence is mounting that Robredo may not even be the legitimate Vice President. Charges of fraud perpetrated back during the 2016 elections continue to bring to question her claim to the office. Even if Robredo eventually finds herself replacing Duterte as president, those fraud allegations will likely cast a pall upon her administration making what is already a lame duck even lamer.

If there is anyone who actually should be resigning, it should be Leni Robredo. She needs to make way for a more credible process to legitimise a true Philippine Vice President and relieve Filipinos of their crisis of leadership succession.


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