The Philippine Roman Catholic Church serves the Liberal Party and its cadre of Yellowtards

Even just the profusion of the colour Yellow in Santo Domingo Church last Tuesday, the 21st of August (death anniversary of Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino Jr) could make one conclude that the Philippines' Roman Catholic Church is a partisan organisation. It routinely provides a venue for the poltical events of the Liberal Party (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) and, in this particular instance, provided a platform for the politically-charged rhetoric of partisan leaders gathered there to commemorate the occasion.

Filipinos need to get to the bottom of this evidently profound relationship between the Yellowtards and the Roman Catholic Church. The Church is a powerful organisation that commands the fear and awe of the vast majority of a country of 100 million. Its mandate is to serve the spiritual needs of this people. What it is doing, however, is perverting that mandate towards poltical ends.

An organisation such as the Catholic Church being involved in national politics is a dangerous thing considering its officials are bound by a vow of obedience to the head of a foreign government, the Pope.

It's time Filipinos come to grips with the true agenda of the Roman Catholic Church. Whilst Yellowtard "activists" rail against Chinese incursion into the Philippines' sovereign interests and the communists rail against US "meddling" and continued "imperialism", nobody seems to be taking the Church, itself a vassal of a foreign government, to task for its own influence peddling in Philippine politics.


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