Nothing wrong with Duterte "endorsing" a successor other than the incompetent Leni Robredo

Yellowtards are up in arms over a statement Duterte made where he said that "vice president" Leni Robredo "cannot improve on anything here" if, presumably, she succeeds him as president if he decides to step down before his term as president ends.

The Yellowtards should lighten up. They were the ones, after all, who popularised a tradition of implementing changes in leadership extra-constitutionally. They managed to seize power this way no less than twice. Counted among their leaders too is famed convicted mutineer Antonio Trillanes who for much of the early 2000s tried to launch military coups against then President Gloria Arroyo.

It does not help that Filipino vice presidents are elected separately. It means presidents cannot count on their emergency successors to continue their work. The system is flawed this way. As such, nobody can blame any sitting president for looking upon their respective VPs with anything more than polite tolerance.

In the case of Leni Robredo, there really isn't anything much about her that holds promise for the Philippines. Filipinos are therefore entitled to explore options and need not be held prisoner by a piece of paper dating back to 1987. This is a lesson they will have learned really well from the Yellowtards themselves. Ironic, right?


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