Even back in 2015, Naga City was already engulfed by a crime epidemic that kept its residents gripped by fear

A report published on Bicol Today way back in 2015 cited Naga City as "the most dangerous city in the Bicol region".

“Naga has the highest number of index crimes as compared to other Bicol cities.” Police region 5 statistics said. 
Naga police and Mayor John Bonggat cannot be contacted for comment regarding Naga’s new imputed bad image.

Joey Natividad, editor of the publication went on to write about the fear gripping residents of the City of Naga at the time...

It is the FEAR felt by a Naguenio mother that her high school son may be beaten up by a gang of street addicts on his way home from school. It is the WORRY felt by a mother that her college girl student might get molested by a co-passenger inside a tricycle. It is APPREHENSION by a young professional that, by walking the street in downtown Naga, his laptop computer might be snatched by thieves riding- in- tandem on motorcycle. The same fear felt by a Naguenio family that, planning to spend their one-week vacation in Manila, they might return home to Naga and discover that their home would be ransacked by thieves.

It should be noted that in 2015, a Yellowtard president, Mr Benigno Simeon 'BS' Aquino III was in power. At the time, it was only a small paper, Bicol Today that was crying out for help on behalf of the beleaguered residents of this city -- a cry that evidently fell on deaf ears amongst the officials of the then adminstration and the editors of big corporate Yellowtard news organisations.


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