Winning a Twitter poll is one thing. But can Yellowtards win a REAL election?

Yellowtard Netizens are rallying trolls to vote on various Twitter and online polls to prove that their "leader" Leni Robredo is the fairest of them all. This, plus other polls that make respondents decide between a Yellowtard position and some other position on various issues preoccupy the minds of Netizens nowadays...

The question remains, however: Can the Yellowtards win a real election?

That remains to be seen. Activity on Twitter and other social media platforms have long been notorious for being unreliable indicators of the public sentiment. It brings to question whether the energies being expended by so-called "thought leaders" of the Opposition constitute an optimal deployment of resources.

Do the Opposition even have a coherent election winning machine and a platform to back an effective bid in the coming elections? These are the more important questions these people should be asking themselves.


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