Why doesn't Leni Robredo respond to claims that she is "incompetent"? Because she can't!

The qualifications and abilities of "vice president" Leni Robredo, who is but a heartbeat away from the presidency if, indeed, she won the 2016 elections honestly, has long been a subject of intense debate.

No less than the president has raised this concern...

Duterte has repeatedly questioned Robredo's suitability for the job. Robredo has said that she doesn't want to dignify Duterte's attacks against her, and instead urged the President to focus on the economy.

...and, as can be observed, Robredo's response is typical of someone who actually has no response.

Indeed, her sidestepping the question by, instead, telling the president to "focus on the economy" comes with a bit of irony. On many occasions, Robredo has proven herself to be quite mathematically-challenged, botching reckoning of relatively simple arithmetical puzzles. As such, it is highly doubtful that she could, herself, focus on "the economy" if her life -- or administration -- depended on it.

Why can't Robredo simply prove that she is competent enough to hold the position she was supposedly elected to? The mystery endures...


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