Millennials should MOVE ON because Martial Law chatter is irrelevant to their future prosperity

As Rod Stewart once crooned in an address to "young hearts": time is on your side. This is really the only thing truly relevant to young people who have everything to look forward to and only lessons to learn from the past.

There is a big difference, however, between learning lessons history has to teach and being paralysed by imagined "historical parallels". The latter is essentially what old-fart Martial Law Crybabies are trying to do. They are emotionally-blackmailing young Filipinos into believing that the "evils" of authoritarianism continue to loom in the horizon and, like the fear of damnation that is a key feature of the particularly primitive way Filipinos practice their Catholicism, enjoin them to remain fearful of that ever-possible dark future.

This they do, not out of a genuine concern for the well-being of the future generation, but to further their political ends. We see this in the Yellowtards' astounding willingness to overlook electoral fraud perpetrated in past elections. People genuinely concerned about the future health of Philippine democracy wouldn't allow even a smidgen of fraud to to taint their electoral process. Yet, here we see today's Yellowtards turning a blind eye to a huge blight on their national elections.

Indeed, young Filipinos -- "millennials" as they are called today -- should move on and face the future with courage and curiosity. There are some things to learn from their parents' generation's politics. But, for the most part, their parents and grandparents have failed to institute the sort of politics that befits the modern and progressive nation young people aspire to build.

Young people should not frame their thinking with the thinking that, to begin with, created the problems they inherit today.


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