Mainstream media hates Duterte because they hate nationalists and espouse globalism

Duterte will be criticized by the mainstream media because he is a nationalist. Globalist media (propaganda)outlets (like CNN) hate nationalists because they believe in a one-world government. The UN is an example of this and they have supported regimes with horrible records. The UN also has one of the world’s worst human rights violators on its commission.

In the U.S. Trump also gets hammered by the media because he is the most nationalistic U.S. President in a long time. He is called racist and Hitler for trying to actually enforce U.S. law. Many Americans hate America and think illegal aliens ought to be allowed in and not punished. These anti-American types are globalists who don’t believe in the rule of law.

The Republicans and Democrats are generally the same corrupt parties. Both favor big government and endless wars for profit. Both favor bankruptcy. The Republicans do not favor a free market. They love killing babies by bombing foreign countries – but want to ban abortion because they just hate people “killing babies.” They are full of shit. The Democrats want to let in illegal aliens and hand out welfare; all of this is to get votes. Both parties hate America and are dangerous. The Democrats also hate the free market.

Duterte must change the Philippines by building infrastructure, spreading birth control, ending corruption and focusing on job creation. The country will be a mess until these things are accomplished. Most importantly, education and the destruction of the lazy culture must be emphasized.

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