Following comms gaffe: Should Lorraine Badoy stay or should she go?

Impulsive reactions don't have a place in government specially if you're an appointee. [DSWD Assistant Secretary Lorraine Marie Badoy] has been one of the most rabid defenders of the President but her retort at the EU Parliament members definitely leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

[In reference to the Manila Times article Loose cannon at the DSWD.]

Should Badoy go or stay is the prerogative of the President who appointed her. That is not for her critics to decide.

The Yellowtards on Twitter have been feasting on Badoy's faux pas as if they haven't been guilty of letting loose more profane epithets against the President.

The President's appointees and supporters should be more cautious in the performance of their duties and the expression of their personal opinions over issues which can cause a diplomatic row. They must remember that while they are alter egos of the President, they are not the President and do not speak for him.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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