Here is why Filipinos should get behind the effort to impeach Leni Robredo...

Now to find a sponsor in the House for the impeachment of the Vice-President and another 100 or so Congressmen to vote on it in the affirmative for transmittal to the Senate.

[In reference to Manila Standard article Not Digong, but Leni by Jojo Robles.]

But these are the realities of impeachment. It's not a cut and dry process like filling out a form. There is a certain amount of wheeling and dealing involved and ultimately needs the backing of those in power.

At the Senate, there is the matter of 17 votes to convict. You're talking about Senators who won't be easily swayed given that seven of them will be solidly behind the Vice-President which means there is very little wiggle room and the 2/3 majority vote required to convict should be solid.

There is also then matter of the political capital to be expended on such an exercise. The work of legislation will grind to a halt and the nation will again be glued to their televisions and radios to watch and listen as the proceedings unfold. The ratings will be higher of any other primetime teleserye for the duration.

It thus begs the question, would it be worth it? The Vice-President will surely milk it for all its worth crying persecution at the hands of a misogynistic and dictatorial President. But there is also the matter of the Vice-President being hell bent on destroying the image of the country before foreigners in a bid to oust the President and take over his post. The economic cost of the Opposition's actions will be borne by every Filipino.

The Supreme Court could come to the rescue by ruling on the petition filed by then Congressman-elect Pantaleon Alvarez to declare as illegal the extension of the deadline for filing of SOCEs granted by the COMELEC to the Liberal Party. Should the high court rule in favor of Alvarez, all the members of the Liberal Party who ran under their banner in the May 2016 polls will be disqualified from office. The Yellowtard menace will be eradicated from the body politic and the country can finally move forward.

That Robredo cannot even grasp such a basic concept as her true role when she is talking about her country when she is overseas speaks volumes of her lack of understanding of the vice presidency. If only because of her cluelessness, she deserves to be hauled before an impeachment court and taught a simple lesson:

If you can’t say anything good about your country in a foreign land, maybe you should just smile your sweetest smile and shut up. If even the most recent Filipino worker sent overseas understands this, I don’t know why Leni can’t.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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