Crowdsourcing the credibility of the We Are Collective exposé on Leni Robredo

Facebook is the chosen forum of We Are Collective, (WAC) and Facebook is a free space. Let the readers judge for themselves whether or not WAC's information is true.

Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy should not have disrupted the flow of WAC's releases, because the only way we readers can judge the quality of the info is if we see everything. Sass is usually on the right track, but this time she's acting like a gatekeeper of the truth, like Maria "take back the internet" Ressa. She shouldn't be saying "I don't want pro-Duterte bloggers to be used" as if she owns them.

The other bloggers have the right to decide for themselves. They knew WAC's info still needed to be proven, in fact, they put disclaimers on their posts. Had they not been interrupted, we would know more by now. Facebook is not a court room. You don't get to the truth by presenting witnesses and evidence first. You get to it by firing up the wisdom of the crowds to help ferret out the truth. Already people from Naga were starting to talk after WAC's first article. We need to know more. It's the only way we can know who the Robredos really are, because the mainstream media will never report anything negative about them.

So what if it might be a political rival of the Robredos in Naga behind WAC? Who else would know what the Robredos are hiding, and have the motivation to expose it? Are we waiting for a cherub to float down from the sky bearing documents about jueteng and drugs in Naga? If the Robredos have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear.

It doesn't matter that WAC is anonymous. The quality of their info is what matters, not who they are. The Watergate source was anonymous. The Wikileaks source is anonymous. Thinking Pinoy himself was more reliable when he was still anonymous.

It's actually good that WAC is shaking things up in the pro-Duterte blogosphere. It was getting dull and boring with all the bloggers just echoing each other's posts. Now maybe we'll see different styles and more diverse opinions. But WAC should get their act together. If they keep over-promising and under-delivering, they won't last.

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  1. True! Spot on! Totally 100% agree!

  2. Sass and TP didn't force WAC to stop per se. They just voiced out their doubts on credibility and declined to host the content on their own pages. WAC on the other hand started to bring out the guns because of the slight.

  3. Wac can still post their articles.. they should do it independently and not use other bloggers to gain audience.. they should spearhead it.. what i dont like about them is as if they were trying to hide behind legitimate people that could be sued and them anonymous. I dont like that..if they havr legitimate infornation and they belive it to be truthful then by all means, let it all out.. no amout of sass and tp should be able to hinder that..

  4. Tp and Sass maybe are just jealous with WAC coz of the attention the ppol are giving WAC, lahat kasi nasa wac na nakaabang, yong sa kanila parang kumunti kasi nga don na sa WAC check ng check. This is what Ive heard from ppol.

    Well all i can say is, posible nga na ngseselos sila.


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