Duterte is not trapped by academic or religious dogma nor social conventions

Pundits should be careful about labeling Duterte “far right”, “populist”, “extreme left”, “communist”, etc because the man really does not fit any existing definition or category.

Duterte is creating his own model using his own common sense and what he believes will work or not work based on his experience as a prosecutor and mayor.

I don’t agree with everything Duterte does, but I like how he’s totally comfortable with being out of the box, and he’s open to experimentation.

He has leftists in his Cabinet, and he’s anti-contractualization, but at the same time, he’s very pro-foreign investment. He embraces LGBT rights and he let sex workers ply their trade freely in Davao as long as they’re being safe and professional, but he’s not above making sexist jokes. He’s firm and decisive, but he has no qualms about changing his mind if his previous methods don’t work.

Why? Because Duterte is not trapped by academic/religious doctrines and social conventions. He’s just a practical man who understands the practical needs of people. He doesn’t waste time intellectualizing everything like the past yellow officials who overdosed on theories while attending one too many junkets and conferences at the UN, World Bank, and other international institutions.

Those international bodies like to lecture about the problems of the world, but in truth they are run by people who have absolutely no clue how ordinary people live. They spend their lives sipping wine, writing papers, and making powerpoint slides and speeches. They know how to get awards and PhD’s, but if you give them real problems to solve, say, as barangay kapitan, they won’t know how to get anything done.

International entities are also tools of global powers for controlling less powerful countries. Pinoys should snap out of their colonial mentality and slave thinking. They need to stop thinking that the UN or the EU or Amnesty International or the New York Times or the Washington Post are deities who decide what is and isn’t right in the world.

Do your research guys. If you dig hard enough, you’ll see the common denominator behind Smartmatic, the Associated Press, Reuters, and Human Rights Watch. It’s no accident that they’re all singing the same tune. And they’ve trained their sights on Trump too, not just Duterte. Just because Hillary didn’t win doesn’t mean Duterte is safe.

Pinoys must stay vigilant and fight for real independence. Stop letting Westerners decide your fate. They have no right to tell you how to run your country. Duterte is absolutely correct when he tells them to fuck off.

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  1. He is the man the Filipinos need! He has the heart for the oppressed and fangs for the tyrants who take advantage of the helpless.

  2. I like the guy and he's the man!
    Whether u like it or not, he is our last card towards making our nation great again.


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