Leni Robredo peddles fake "international opinion" about Duterte government

The fake vice-president is spreading fake information about fake “7,000” summary killings supposedly committed by police, at a fake “UN” plenary. Leni Robredo’s “palit ulo” video is not being endorsed by the UN. It is only being aired at a side session organized by an NGO called DRCNet Foundation during the UN conference on narcotics. You wouldn’t know that though, from the way the mainstream media is reporting this as if the UN itself is endorsing Robredo’s harebrained video.

The Liberal Party and their accomplices in the mainstream media like to namedrop ICC, EU, and UN to create the illusion that they’re supported by these international organizations. They do this so they can convince people in government, military, and business to turn against the President.

For example, the UN rapporteur who keeps tweeting about the drug war, Agnes Callamard, is portrayed in Philippine media as a high-ranking UN official. But UN rapporteurs don’t speak in behalf of the UN. They’re not even salaried employees of the UN. They’re like “Angat Buhay partners” of the UN, to use a pet term of Leni Robredo. They’re only consultants.

Another example, look at this latest headline from GMA news: “European Parliament calls for De Lima’s release”.

It sounds like the EU itself is demanding that De Lima should be freed. But if you read the details of the article, it actually involves only a few members of the EU parliament, and their resolution has not even gone through first reading. It was only “submitted for discussion”. Yet GMA news reported this as if the EU itself already demanded that De Lima should be released.

(In case you’re wondering why some EU parliamentarians are siding with the yellows, there’s a global network of liberal elites who like to control everything in the world. For years, the yellows were their foot soldiers in the Philippines, and they got everything they wanted. Military access, mining concessions, etc. Duterte changed all that. These global elites have also been losing badly in other parts of the world in recent months, so they’re starting to panic. Anyway, that’s another story.)

It’s all smoke and mirrors. Robredo the “vice-president” releases “UN” video, then “EU parliament” calls for “senator” De Lima release, and then now Trillanes’s stooge files an “impeachment complaint” against Duterte in Congress. Conveniently timed, and just a day after 50+ congressmen who voted against the death penalty were removed from their committee chairmanships. Expect “Impeachment raps filed against Duterte” and “Philippine vice-president calls for Duterte resignation” to be the next international headlines. Even if the yellows know impeaching Duterte won’t work, this is all for show, for international media mileage. Trollanes needs to earn his monthly retainer, so he needs to keep producing stunts for the media to write about.

But Robredo’s video is her big mistake. It may be used to start building a case against her for incitement to sedition. Robredo was unmistakably calling for international intervention in her video. It just didn’t have that kind of impact, because she is so useless she couldn’t deliver her lines properly. She was actually smiling while talking about mass murders and summary killings, and she was struggling to pronounce very basic English words (i.e. palit ulo “skim” daw, like skim milk, instead of scheme). This woman makes Sarah Palin look like a genius.

President Duterte, time to play hardball. This isn’t about protecting your reputation, which we know you don’t care about. This is about protecting the reputation of the country. Start by purging the DFA and PCOO. The yellows are getting away with their international shenanigans because these two government agencies are sleeping on the job (or are they infested by LP residuals?). We, the Filipino people, give you a free hand to do whatever is necessary to eliminate Robredo, Trillanes, and De Lima. Please go ahead and crush them. You’ll be doing us all a big favor.

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  1. BLACK PROPAGANDA, another trick to influence the Gullibles and Muppets....


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