Mocha puts Martin Andanar and Ernie Abella to shame

Mocha Uson is a phenomenon. Here’s one woman who is single-handedly slaying the mainstream media and keeping President Duterte’s base of supporters active and engaged. She’s doing a much better job than Duterte’s official communications group and she’s doing it with very little resources.

Mocha puts Martin Andanar and Ernie Abella to shame, quite frankly. I don’t know why those two still can’t get their sh*t together despite having multi-million budgets and full-time staff. I just cringed when I read Abella’s statement on the EU parliament’s meddling yesterday. It was badly written as usual, with too many unnecessary words and grammatical errors and no clear focus, but the worst thing is he addressed the EU not the EU Parliament (they’re not the same, it wasn’t the whole EU that came out with the resolution, just one group).

No one expects Abella to know everything. We know he was just a pastor before he became presidential spokesperson. But he should at least have enough sense to get more knowledgeable people in government to review his statements before he releases them. He should have enough sense to hire staffers who can write more concise and more grammatically correct statements. Instead of correcting all the wrong perceptions about Duterte and the Philippines, Abella’s statements usually make Duterte look even more inept.

Maybe Duterte should dissolve the groups of Andanar and Abella, then use their budgets to hire a competent PR agency. There’s no chance of winning the propaganda war with those two in charge. Duterte is only surviving because the independent bloggers who support him are so good. Andanar and Abella only know how to do routine things like give updates on the President’s activities. But they don’t know how to fight propaganda wars.

Kawawa si Presidente. His name and the image of the Philippines are being destroyed abroad and all his communications people can do is come out with lame, amateurish, barely coherent statements.

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  1. Mocha has more balls than what you can get from both Andanar and Abella!

  2. "Kawawa si Presidente. His name and the image of the Philippines are being destroyed abroad and all his communications people can do is come out with lame, amateurish, barely coherent statements." YOU ARE A YELLOWSHABUTARDZ MINION, NO MORE NO LESS!

  3. I think there's a lot of truth expressed by GRPundit and should not be dismissed as a nightmarish rant by a yellow tard. The reality is, being an outside observer from Australia, I can say frankly that the various DDS groups from the country and abroad including the OFWs, are the ones carrying the banner for Duterte, and unfortunately NOT the PR office of the President. Were it not for them, the President would have long been buried in the avalanche of lies propagated by the yellow mob. He would have been mercilessly and brutally crucified were it not for this group of supporters and defenders. The PR office is virtually unheard of from our standpoint and as correctly pointed out, being reduced to reporting what has transpired in the propaganda war. The PR office to us from the outside, is invisible and regarded as inutile and reactive instead of being proactive. The PR office of the President should be assertive and not timid and lacking in guts to engage the enemy. Guys, the battle is not just won by bullets, the propaganda machine is just as deadly. Always remember what Goebbels said about lies and be vigilant lest you'd be caught sleeping and then wondering what the hell has happened.


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