Africans, not Muslims, pose the biggest threat of massive refugee influx into Europe

Personally, I am not 'afraid' about the current influx of Muslim refugees coming from Syria and its neighbouring countries. What worries me much more, is what is happening right now in (the horn of) Africa. Drought, famine, crop harvest failures, increasing population (religiously or culturally rooted), civil war. That will bring - I think - the biggest migration in modern history ever.

To keep those people there can probably only be done by investing (European) money into those regions. In short, to keep them away from coming to Europe, the EU has to 'invest' money. Either we call it 'development aid' or we will call it 'bribe money'. And who knows where the money will go to? A corrupt government?
So do we have other options? Build a wall in the entire Mediterranean Sea? Build a wall around the outer borders of the EU?

I am in favor of sending back those people who are here illegally (undocumented). But then we hit a brick wall. Their home/original country doesnt want to take them back. Most immigrants dont even have official birth certificates, let alone a passport. And if they have either they will burn it or throw it away before the enter the EU. Now personally, I dont see the difference between a North Korean and a South Korean. Do you? And maybe they even speak the same language. So the vetting procedure is tedious and must take place in a humane way. Otherwise we - the Dutch - will be called racist or an inhumane country not willing to help the needy.

Personally, I am getting sick and tired to hear those words/lines -- that we need to help the needy ones.

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