Leni Robredo's illegal vice presidency is an important reminder to Filipinos

There was a commenter here on GRP who said Pinoys hate Leni Robredo more than they love Duterte.

This is a very important point that I think Duterte himself doesn’t understand.

The anger against Leni Robredo is not about Duterte. Rather, it is a burning, overflowing rage against a clueless but ambitious puppet who has become the biggest, most shameful symbol of fraud, hypocrisy, injustice, and impunity in the Philippines.

Robredo’s continued illegal occupancy of the office of the vice president reminds Filipinos every day that:

– It is okay to steal government funds and rig an election to install an incompetent non-entity into the second-highest government position in the land.

– It is okay for said non-entity to fraudulently peddle herself to the public as an accomplished “lawyer” and bureaucrat. (Robredo may have passed the bar after three tries, but when you listen to her talk, it’s obvious she didn’t actually practice her profession to a reasonable degree. The yellows branded her a “lawyer” the way they branded Noynoy Aquino an “economist” simply because he studied economics in Ateneo.)

– It is okay for said non-entity to use half a billion pesos of taxpayers’ money to bankroll her social life and promote personal agenda by posing for magazines, cutting ribbons, holding yoga classes in her office, giving self-serving speeches, attending events, and jet-setting all over the Philippines and the world with her lover the congressman.

In short, Robredo reminds Pinoys every day, with her smug tarsier smile, that CRIME PAYS.

And Duterte is tolerating it.

This is why Pinoys are getting angrier by the day.

The one thing that will destroy Duterte in the eyes of the Filipino people is not the ICC, or the EU, or the UN, or the black propaganda of the local and international media.

It will be his failure to avenge the honor of the Filipino people against the gang rape that was done to them by Robredo and the Liberal Party when they stole the elections with taxpayers’ money, and got away with it.

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