Philippines remains laggard in mass transport due to Yellowtard shortsightedness

Simply put, if the Yellowtards didn't throw out the transport study done by JICA in 1976 which resulted in LRT 1 being built and operational in 1983, there would be more than 9 light rail lines running across the Metro by now.

[In reference to PhilStar article Bus Rapid Transit]

But with Yellowtards being the prime example of dumb and dumber, flyovers were built instead which took out the capability to build light rail or bus rapid transit lines along the major thoroughfares in the Metro. Just look at how MRT 3 resembles a rollercoaster ride along EDSA from Pasay to Quezon City.

The absence of a national land use plan also contributed to the present situation along with local government heads not implementing zoning rules strictly. The airport and seaports need to be moved out of the Metro. Jeepneys need to be phased out as they only contribute to traffic congestion.

It will be a miracle if we see any improvements in six years given how the DOTr under Tugade hasn't been able to accomplish much in almost a year because Congress still hasn't passed the special powers bill it has been requesting.

In the meantime, all our regional neighbors are busy expanding their mass transport systems to cope with increasing ridership.

In our case, it's the usual bahala na si Batman attitude, que sera, sera. These are the times when you miss Imeldific and Aber Canlas of DPWH.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


  1. Duterte should declare a revolutionary government to achieve all the plans that our country needs. He should destroy the apparatus that is responsible in destroying the government. He has the support of the people and they trust him for any action that is good for our country. Punish the evildoers to send a strong signal that the President is serious in redeeming the Philippines.


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