Kaya Natin Movement statement of support for Leni Robredo is a pointless exercise reeking in hypocrisy

The statement of support sounds more like damage control. I guess they were surprised at the ferocity of the anger of the public to the video recorded by the Vice-President for DRCNet.

Whatever Kaya Natin does, at this point, will it serve any purpose other than its own and that of Robredo's.

Leni is beyond redemption. So is Jesse. The fact that she continues to harp about fake news and vitriol on social media targeted at her without calling out the anonymous pages and individuals using pseudonyms who suport her and her allies calls into question her values as a public official. The President is subject to the same but he has never threatened to sue the likes of Raissa Robles, Alan Robles and the other "journalists" who continue to be critical of his administration and subject him and members of his family to ridicule.

Kaya Natin doesn't practice what it preaches. Just look at the actuations of its members who are currently holding elective posts. There is nothing ethical about their leadership.

Kaya Natin is out of touch with the public sentiment. In the last weeks of the campaign, it junked Mar Roxas and secretly went for Grace Poe in the hopes of electing two women as the highest officials of the country. It's nothing more than a wing of the Liberal Party dedicated to promoting the rise of Leni Robredo to the Presidency.

It's about time that Robredo gets the book of laws she's violated thrown at her. Maybe this time, she will finally learn what the law is all about.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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