Leni Robredo is not someone Filipinos could EVER take seriously

The message is superficially more coherent than her usual fatuous statements. But then it all dissolves into Leni’s familiar vagueness and generalities. Referring to DU30, she declared:

In a public statement, we asked him to direct the nation toward respect for rule of law, instead of blatant disregard for it. We ask him to uphold basic human rights enshrined in our Constitution, instead of encouraging its abuse. 
We asked him to be the leader he promised to be, and evoke in our people hope and inspiration, instead of fear. We told him: Do not allow the lies to distort the truth.

[Refer to the Manila Times article Leni Robredo: A successor of dubious legitimacy and gravitas by Yen Makabenta.]

The message indicts itself. It will not be construed by anyone as the words of a leader who bids to become the next President of the Philippines.

No one will take her seriously.

The reality of the situation became apparent when Robredo spokesperson, Georgina Hernandez, tried to defend Robredo against Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez’s threat of filing an impeachment charge against her.

Under questioning by CNN, the spokesperson couldn’t come up with a straight answer when asked for general descriptions of the “victims” who supposedly went to the OVP’s to complain about the supposed palit-ulo. She evaded questions on whether or not the OVP verified the claims of the supposed “victims” with the PNP before blabbing to the world that the PNP cannot be trusted.

The impression one gets is that Robredo and her office do not think very much. They just issue press releases and statements.

They could drown in defending Robredo if the impeachment charge pushes through, when Congress reconvenes on May 2.

Darwin Canete as posted on Facebook.


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