If suicide is a sin, why did God kill himself?

In view of the upcoming Lenten Season, here's a thought (don't take me seriously).

Christianity condemns suicide as, it claims, our lives are not our own. Hence, committing suicide earns one a special place in hell as, in the eyes of God, it is equal to committing murder.

However, it is a little known fact (or maybe it just went unnoticed) that the so-called "greatest act of love" professed by Christian scripture is a form of suicide.

In Christian dogma, God is one being existing in 3 forms: the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Jesus (the Son) was sacrificed by Yahweh (the Father), to be crucified and to descend to hell, just to "save" mankind from its sins.

So if we go by the logic of all given information so far, then it would follow that God basically committed suicide to save his creations.

So... this means... you guys (Christians) are so awful that you drove your own god to kill itself.

Think of that while you're away "meditating" during your Lenten season. ;)

Ronn Zantua as posted on Facebook.


  1. In Jesus' case, it's called sacrifice, man. Suicide is you're f*ckin tired of everything, yourself and the people around you, and you may be mentally sick (depress), so you kill yourself to escape the world. /_O

  2. Very nice! Exactly!

  3. Jesus was persecuted on his spiritual belief. Your narrative is wrong and nearly an alternative facts.

  4. From the words of a non-believer, what can we expect. It is called sacrifice.
    Try it sometime Ronn Zantua, maybe then you will get the point. But don't worry, you don't need to commit "suicide" as how you call it..


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