Critics of Leni Robredo should hold off on organising rallies for now #LeniResign

I agree that holding a rally now is a waste of time. Mocha Uson and Jimmy Bondoc need to calm down and use their heads. Congress is in recess until May. Alejano’s joke of an impeachment complaint can’t even be acted upon.

Stop calling for rallies every time the yellows do something. You’ll wear people out. Rallies should be done only when there are specific results that can be achieved. The crowds will start thinning out if you keep holding rallies every month.

It’s more useful at this point to start a validated signature campaign calling for a recount or rematch, as the other commenter suggested. Special elections in the contested areas is very doable. I’m sure the Comelec can easily arrange that.

Question is, can the Comelec be trusted? The Liberal Party lackey Andres Bautista is still there. So it should be special elections supervised by the PET, not the Comelec.

Know this, Leni Robredo: you will be removed. It’s only a question of when and how. And once you’re out of your stolen VP post, the Filipino people will make you pay for everything you’ve done.

You can run to the international media all you want, but there’s no escaping the wrath of the Filipino people that’s coming for you.

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