Leni Robredo: the agony of waiting for the president to die


Warning: this post would be oxymoronic

This buzz about Her Excellency Leni Robredo should stop.

I mean, let her have her undeservedly stupid vacation in whatever goddamn hell she has chosen for herself and her kin. After all, being VP is really hard. Imagine the agony of waiting for the president to die. Put yourself in her place and surely you would also fret and fiddle on a daily basis. Your first question as soon as you wake up - how's the president? - is so jarring to the senses, to say the least.

2nd, why would we even demand her to help her fellow Bicolanos if she believes she has more important things to do than that? Why force something that is not innate in her being, and why should we insist on her contrived portrayal as a "tsinelas garbed public servant fighting for the laylayan ng lipunan?!!!"

This is the problem when we are smitten by image and form rather than substance. When we are bombarded with images of bus rides while cradling an LV bag or getting down and dirty wading Ferragamo shoes in mud in a far flung baranggay, we should already be questioning why do we sadistically torture ourselves by patronizing a self absorbed "widow" who shrewdly portrays herself as a caring government official?

I have been saying that we should already ignore Leni even as I myself am being oxymoronic about it now.

The Vice President is just another trapo not worth our collective attention, anger and disgust. In six months since assuming her post (and a shortlived cabinet portfolio) she has done nothing to the Filipino people for us to be even highlighting her every move every day.

In six months, Ms Robredo is more about cultivating an image rather than extending a work hand, or getting down to her knees to provide true public service.

Ms Robredo is ambition and shrewdness personified. She is the proverbial "nasa loob ang kulo" and she is in the game because she has already been given a bird's eye view of what it would be like to be in the throne.

The problem is no longer Leni Robredo. Damn her and her scheming!

It is now incumbent upon us Filipinos to recognize and be made aware of the devil who wears tsinelas.

If there is one nasty, good-for-nothing and excessive vice that we should rid ourselves this coming new year, it should be this fraud of a vice president.

We deserve better.


Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


  1. You're talking about waiting. She isn't waiting. She is taking steps to hasten it!


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