On the DUBIOUS "accomplishments" of #LabanLeni Robredo

Suddenly, we are inundated with so much trailblazing accomplishments and even a self-elevation of status as the "most hardworking" chair of the Housing & Urban Development Coordinating Council.

This, 5 months after all we read and saw were personal uplift and magazine cover appearances, plus political statements that has nothing to do with housing but more on publicly expressing contrarian view on policies and direction of the current administration.

If we are to seriously consider the validity of the numerous "accomplishments" that was generated in 5 months, is this not an indictment of the downright failure of the past administration?

Is the VP and her camp telling us that Benigno Aquino III and his alter ego in housing, who is Jejomar Binay, did not really give attention to this sector, and that they miserably performed their duty and responsibility, and that it took a Leni Robredo to make the necessary actions?

Is it so bad in the housing sector that Leni Robredo had to point out that she was the most  hardworking HUDCC chair who personally attends to board meetings neglected by her predecessor?

If that were the case, why did she not become upset at the utter neglect in housing by the previous admin? Why did she not protest against the injustice and the waste of taxpayer money by the Aquino Administration when she was the one who did so much for Yolanda victims, as what she is claiming now?

If she even had the delicadeza or the right frame of mind, these are more than sufficient for her to even quit her political party right?

Were there really groundbreaking accomplishments? (Pun intended)

Or are the "accomplishments" really just a rehash of what was already done prior to her appointment?

Pick your poison your excellency...

Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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