Call for Duterte to resign and hold snap elections as Opposition steps up anti-admin attack!

Amazing how Tatad can go insane over Duterte's first six months as opposed to Aquino's six years. Is Duterte really that bad a President or is he that good which is why he merits being asked to step down or kicked out of office? Even the SWS can't make his approval ratings go below 65% even now that they're using net approval ratings as their basis of reference.

What is it with Duterte that even now the Reds, with whom the government is negotiating for peace, is now going after him despite all the good faith he's shown to them even before he was sworn into office? It has something to do with his being the destroyer of established norms. In the last six months, he has managed to get Marcos buried, put a ceasefire in place among the insurgents and the secessionists, chart an independent foreign policy, ease tensions in the South China Sea and promote unity in ASEAN by breaking away from the US as America's lapdog in the region. He's also addressing a breakdown in peace and order rooted in a drug epidemic of pandemic proportions.

The Yellowtards have thrown the proverbial kitchen sink at him and more but they still can't sway public opinion against him. Now even Tatad has been drawn into the game of back to the past with his call for both the President and the Vice-President to resign and hold snap elections. Duterte is the most cataclysmic President in the country's history. The promdi who took all of seven years to finish high school not because he was learning impaired but because he was too much of  bad boy. Duterte is proving the maxim that six years is too short for a good President and too long for a bad President. The public counted the days until Aquino was to step down. Filipinos now count the days until Duterte's term ends because they're hoping that he achieves each and every one of the goals he's set for the betterment of Filipinos.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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