Yellowtards are not above mocking President Duterte's health for political gain

To the writers/bloggers out there who are obviously taking advantage of the President's pain and his use of Fentanyl just to further their yellow agenda, shame on you! Pray that you will not suffer slipped spinal disc and terrible migraine, among other illnesses.

You make a big deal of the 4 or 5 times he missed a speaking engagement (due to sickness) this year but did not inform your readers as to how many more important activities and events he in fact was able to attend to. You also did not include how many speaking engagements he successfully delivered as against the 4 he missed.

I may not have the exact figures at this time, but this much I can tell: He usually works from 12NN to 3AM (that's about 15 hours daily); attends and delivers speeches in 2-5 events a day; and yes, even presides late night or early dawn meetings with his staff. This on top of attending other important activities like visiting the wounded soldiers, checking on the situation of those affected by typhoons, etc.

By now, he must have attended and spoke to over a hundred important events in and out the country. He also won the hearts of several leaders of other countries and brought home billions of promised investments and increased business cooperation. Yet, all you saw and wrote about was the 4-5 events he missed.

(Eh noon nga, mas inuuna ni BS Aquino ang mag-ninong sa kasalan ng mga mayayaman o pumarty-party kesa alamin ang sitwasyon ng mga nasalanta ng bagyo pero ala kang sinabi!)

Know what? I will choose a 71yr-old President who takes a quarter of a Fentanyl patch so he can continue to function and serve faithfully the people with all he got despite his age and his illnesses over the past president you (yellow journalists cum PR practioners) served and continue to serve.

MJ Quiambao Reyes as posted on Facebook.


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