By the numbers: Duterte's awesome War on Drugs in the Philippines


Recently, the big news was the admin's latest illegal drug campaign score wherein a staggering P6B in street value, high grade Shabu were seized by the NBI in San Juan.

Again, P6 BILLION worth of illegal drugs that were supposed to be circulated nationwide!

It was the BIGGEST drug bust in the history of this country.

If not caught, and the syndicate assigns P10,000 worth of the drug to one pusher, there would be 600,000 pushers plying the trade across the archipelago!

Allow me now to raise an issue.

Somehow, somebody seem to be flying under the radar in our current scrutiny of who in government perpetuated the rise of the narco trade in our country.

It seems we are missing out on one big fish, who actually was the one who was in full control of the law enforcement agencies and local government units when this destructive trade was prospering.

It seems that we have been too obsessed with a frail woman but we are conveniently ignoring a most heinous man who even had the temerity to run for president.

Riddle me this -- who was the most powerful man from 2011 to 2015 after Pnoy? He was practically given all the high profile assignments in local governance, peace and order, disaster management and other plum missions primarily to prop him up for the presidential race.

Of all people, this is the man who should be made answerable to this monster of a problem called narcotics.

This is the man whose track record of incompetence in disaster management and infrastructure would pale in comparison if we are now to bring to fore his most dastardly and despicable crime of complicity with drug syndicates and protectors.

People of the Philippines, our country almost veered into being a full blown narco state!

All under the deceptive cover of decency and supposedly straight path.

And I want you all to realize this ---

"Malaki ang atraso ng gagong ito sa inang bayan!"

Isampal nyo yan sa kanya at sa kapwa nyang gagong asawa!

Alam na this!


Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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