Anti-Marcos "activists" should stop believing they hold a monopoly on pain and sacrifice

To anti-Marcos activists and friends.

Please avoid owning the pain and suffering of Martial Law. More so, avoid monopolizing morality and the correct interpretation of history.

And please, please, stop demeaning the logic, morals and sense of history of those who disagree with you.

In case the thought has escaped you, there are others who were as victimized but chose to move on even as Marcos remains a villain in their hearts. There are people who simply have a different reading of history. And to label them as stupid, unthinking Marcos loyalists reeks of a kind of arrogant elitism that far from helping your cause has even pushed you into the minority voice that you have become.

You do not own my pain. You do not have a franchise on history. You do not tell me that just because I choose to move on that I forgot.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


  1. d money plundered, adding insult to injury were brought out deposited/invested outside w/us paying them up-to-date... sad indeed

  2. If there are true true victims of marcos/ML, then there should at least 1 case filed against him out of the thousands of so-called victims. But there's none. They all just appear on rallies and fabricated dramatic stories online. These are FAKE victims. VICTIMS KUNO ng martial law.


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