The failed attempt of the Konyo Movement to brand themselves as the "Enlightened Ones"

As expected, folks are riding on the anger generated by Marcos burial to galvanize support for certain political interests.

They're trying to paint a picture of a gathering storm. Yet, the absence of a clear message aimed at the greater good of society beyond simply protesting a controversial historical figure's burial is severely limiting the growth of this movement.

In fact, this is a konyo movement; a movement of the more affluent segment of society brandishing itself as the "more intelligent" or at least, the "more knowledgeable" segment. They are acting as the self-appointed gate-keepers of history and morality in this country.

A lot of people in the country are not impressed, especially given the snobbish and condescending attitude of the konyo movement to the "lesser" folks of society. These "lesser" folks are not swayed by the snobbery and condescension heaped against them, especially when it comes to history and democratic politics.

Right or wrong, people strongly feel about their OWN understanding of history, and political decisions, especially when it comes to electing their leaders. They look at the vociferous konyo movement as seeking to drown out their voices through their self-proclaimed eloquence. People don't look at the konyo movement as being eloquent; rather, the konyo movement is viewed as rabid in its insults and condescension. The konyo movement is also beset, as far as people are concerned, by their bratty attitude when confronted by the fact that they do not comprise the necessary majority to wield political power in the country. Or that their efforts to "safeguard" history have miserably failed.

The real problem is that the konyo movement is populated by zealots and gate-keepers who have convinced themselves that they alone have accessed the country's real history, and its morality. As such, they feel that they are on a mission to redeem the Philippines.

This attitude is driving a deep wedge in Philippine society. It's not class-based. It's not even ideology-driven. It's driven by a self-entitled brattitude.

Those behind the konyo movement aren't protesters. They are opportunists. Sadly, they have managed to manipulate the well-meaning and genuine protesters, sucking them into their nefarious agenda. Sad...

Van Ybiernas as posted on Facebook.


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