Nebulous wording masks #LabanLeni Robredo's poor record of achievement


* "Cut red tape..." No mention of performance indicator like reduction of processing time in hrs/mins.

* "Developed policy directions..". .. I think policies have been laid by her predecessors, so what remains to be developed? Ah ok. Pampahaba din nga pala ng report yan. 😂

* "Pushed for construction of 17,000 houses..." This is meant to deceive. "Pushed for" is different from actual construction of houses, right? This is crap. Bureaucrat language.

In short, she accomplished almost nothing.

Government officials should be required to present their Key Result Areas and actual results.

If I were the President, I will transfer Leni to Tourism, as Head of Wanda Teo's admin services, without cabinet rank. That's how I see her skillset. Honestly.

Adolfo Mortera as posted on Facebook.


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