6000 "killings" and the Philippines' utterly pointless debate about "justice"

I have to admit – and I know this is a terrible thing to say – those 6000 murder victims don’t bother me overmuch. Pinoys have been killing each other for centuries over the slightest trivial quarrel. I’m convinced that at least 10% of the population have borderline psychopathic personalities (manifested as a complete lack of empathy for others, black-and-white thinking, limited range of emotions, and poor moral reasoning skills).

The fact is, those 6000 killings would have happened with or without Duterte; they probably did, but went unrecorded. With or without Duterte, there are thousands of Filipinos who, simply because of who and what they are, are likely to die a violent death at the hands of either their neighbors or the police. Such is life in the 4th world.

Since nobody knows (and doesn’t want to find out) who exactly is doing the killing, and who the victims were, the whole debate about ‘justice’ is pointless. There is no such thing in the Philippines and probably won’t be until PLA tanks roll through Manila.

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