#LabanLeni Robredo comes crawling back to President Rodrigo Duterte after EPIC tantrum!

Now Leni Robredo says she wants to “reach out” to President Duterte.

She says this less than a day after her platinum sponsor and mother figure, Loida Nicolas Lewis, ranted on TV for President Duterte to resign so Robredo could replace him.

The screws on the heads of these two yellow Bicolana widows are really coming loose.

After throwing a huge public tantrum over her removal from the Duterte Cabinet, and after insinuating that the President is a killer, a misogynist, a dictator, etc etc, Robredo now wants to “reach out”?

Is she insane?

Of course she is. Check out this part of the article:

“Robredo underscored her earlier pronouncement that she wishes to help the government in any way the President asks her to. However, she added: 'Ang hindi ko lang ma-promise ay iyong mga bagay na hindi namin pinagkakaintindihan, hindi ko ipagpapalit ang aking desisyon. Kasi ang mga bagay na hindi namin pinagkakaintindihan, sigurado ako sa conviction ko doon. Iyon ang hinihingi ko ng tawad na hindi ko mabibigay sa kaniya'."

Good lord.

“Help the government if the President asks her to”?

Hindi ko mabibigay sa kanya”?

Has this woman forgotten that she was just kicked out of the President’s Cabinet three days ago?

Why is she presuming that the President even wants or needs her help?

Why is she acting like she would be doing him a favor kung pagbibigyan niya?

The woman is really deluded. All the fluff coverage she gets on yellow media has made her think she’s God’s Gift and Miss Popularity.

She has no clue that she was the least productive member of the Cabinet, and so reviled on social media that anyone associated with her turns into a leper (i.e. Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan).

And it’s only going to get worse.

Now that the Duterte camp has cut her off and clearly signaled that she’s on the enemy side, she looks even more fake and illegitimate.

Ah, I get it.

No wonder she’s “reaching out”. The wave of public sympathy that she thought would come after her pa-awa alsa-balutan drama isn’t happening, so now she needs to slink back to President Duterte’s good graces to prop herself up again.

This woman is really a bigger hypocrite than we thought. President Duterte and his team need to stay as far away from her as possible because, now that she’s officially jobless, she will keep trying to use them to stay in the headlines.

You know who’s especially vulnerable in Duterte’s team? PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa. He’s being seduced by the yellow media and Robredo. Chief Bato, huwag kang magpabola sa mga yan.

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  1. She just proved herself a destructive rust in President Rodrigo 'Digong'Duterte's Cabinet and waits for opportunity to sow harm upon signal from her 'yellow' masters.Its (her ouster) PRRD's best decision, so far.

  2. Narcissistic personality. Feeling important, feeling kawawa, hard worker kuno, and nobody's right but her.

  3. actually mas kawawa mga anak niya the children will receives the brunt of ridicule and shaming in public or their friends who are dutertards/marcos....an embarrassment that will keep on haunting them.


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