Yellowtards are incapable of comprehending the abundant lives of true thinking Filipinos

I’ve just come from a lovely out-of-town trip with my husband and our lifelong friends and was offline for 2 days (I have a wonderful life outside FB—unlike a lot of these keyboard warriors. Such losers.).

I only got home now, logged in and saw all the trash on my wall. And I see that monsters  of the disente variety have descended on my wall and used it as a way to spread their particular gospel of hate. I haven’t read a lot. Just a handful—and the rest, I will ignore and/or delete. Once I find the time.

(Not tonight. I have books I want so bad to read. Also, I want you to have more time to read through the hateful comments, if you so wish—disabuse yourself of the notion that ONLY pro-Dutertes are capable of poison and hate. And, too, here’s a truth you must keep in mind: none of that poison is about me but everything about the commenter )

Here’s the thing.

There are only 6 opinions that matter to me in the whole world. That would be my husband’s, my 3 children’s, and my 2 dogs’.

(Yup, my 2 dogs’ opinions of me matter far far more than some random online person. My dogs are much finer creatures, for one and for another, they are far better human beings than a lot of human beings I know.)

You’d be hard pressed to find a more solid family than ours. And you’d be hard pressed to find a bunch of people who have my back more than these 6 do and who say, “That’s my wife/mom.” with as much love and pride as they do.

This is the abundance of my life.

And for as long as I have those 6 in my life, I keep on keeping on. I know what it is I am fighting for and for whom and why.

My work with the impoverished is front and center of my life. And I will do all I can to support a president who I think will take  a lot of them out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

And there is this other person whose opinion of me matter far more than those 6 up there and it is MY opinion of myself.

Long and far and wide have I traveled so I now stand solidly by my side. I know the stuff I’m made of. And it will take so much more than ugly memes and cyberbullying to get a rise out of me.

I know it’s real hard for cowards who can only be brave behind a keyboard to understand this but what can you do about losers no?

You can’t make my words mean what it is you want them to mean.

And you can’t make me be what I am not.

I write because there is far too much left unsaid that must be said. And I write because I know silence is far more dangerous than speaking up.

And I have, long ago, gathered the courage and given myself permission to write my truths—no matter if the truth I share is the truth others don’t want to hear.

It is as simple as that.

Lorraine Marie T Badoy as posted on Facebook.


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