PROOF that #LabanLeni Robredo failed to do her job as HUDCC head...

Notably absent from Robredo's list of claimed achievements in the housing sector is the drafting of a bill creating the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The bill was filed by Congresswoman and Deputy Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

It behooves the question that Robredo, as a former lawmaker and a lawyer, be the one to draft the bill and get one of her former colleagues in the House to sponsor it and fastrack its approval? If the current housing bureaucracy is so bad, why didn't she address this issue first given that governance is based on operation of law?

Instead, she kept on harping about an executive order which isn't the correct approach to the creation of the new department in the Executive branch. Her problem has always been her shotgun approach to her advocacies. If she had concentrated on housing for Yolanda survivors first, she would've been able to do much for them.

Given the nature of the President, it would be safe to assume that he would've given her his full support if he saw that she was working her ass off. During the third anniversary celebration of Yolanda survivors in Tacloban last November 8, the President gave instructions to the Presidential Assistant for Visayas Mike Dino to do everything in his power to move the survivors into their permanent resettlement sites. He even said to Dino that if he encountered any problems, he could give the President a call anytime.

This was clearly a repudiation of Robredo's non-effort at solving the plight of the Yolanda survivors who continue to suffer because of the stupidity of the previous administration.

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


  1. tsk tsk tsk...good thing you got fired! we don't need incompetent people like you!

  2. - hoy antonio, walang lalaking nagsasalita ng kagaya mo! :) ladlad ka kase para di na bitter.. :) i kennat, i kennat ka dyan, pakainin kita ng titi eh para maging masaya ka naman sa buhay mo. :)

    1. sakit tamaan no? na marami nagsasabing mangmang ka, yellowtard. =)

  3. The bill creating the Dept of Housing and Urban Devt has been approved by Congress last year. You want her to rewrite? Besides drafting a bill is a legislative function not HUDCCs. Read


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