Filipinos unmoved by Opposition's "massacre of the poor" bleeding heart narrative

Most Filipinos will not be sympathetic to your cause and will never ride on your portrayal of the anti-drug war as the "massacre of the poor," even if you highlight it a thousand fold in the New York Times or CNN or Al Jazeera.

You won't even make a case out of EJKs being established as a state policy, and you won't succeed in even pushing the UN the ICC or the US State department to declare that this anti drug campaign is a "crime against humanity."


Your bleeding heart for the criminals and dregs of society will never mask the crocodile tears, even if you gather for a prayer rally or a black party because Filipinos know better. Even your pious preachings no longer resonate.

The more you insist on it, the thinner your conyo crowd becomes.

Even the way you constantly hype and hijack TRUTH JUSTICE and DEMOCRACY as ideals that only you can understand or dispense, are a complete turn off.

If indeed you were the paragon of these virtues, it begs the question - so why are you all losers and cheats in the last election?

Why the difficulty in selling yourselves? Why can't you hold on to the power you once had and wielded mightily? Why is it that despite the vast resources, the deep influence, and the well entrenched network, you lost terribly when the people spoke thru the ballots?

And when you felt that even the spare position is yours to lose, like a thief in the night, you resorted to playing tricks with technology to let your ambitious candidate take the lead during the graveyard moment, when most were asleep and not watching...

Truth to tell, even the surname Marcos is becoming more palatable no thanks to your endless machinations to reclaim the throne and once again impose your brand of uncaring and inept leadership.

Which is really what it is in the last 30 years or so wherein you and your minions held power and influence over an underserved and overburdened nation.

Marcos is no hero, and his family is still accountable for his many terrible sins. The thing is, you never managed to close this dark chapter completely, even if you had the chance. You allowed them back into society, and God knows how many secret deals, back door arrangements, and laundering occurred between your minions and theirs, all at the expense of poor Juan dela Cruz.

And so you want to wash your hands off the Marcoses and fool everyone into thinking that they are the devil incarnate while you are God's gift to the Filipino citizenry?!!!

Fuck you and your shameless hypocrisy!

Let me tell you this --- your plan will never work. No amount of obscene money that you throw away will ever make it work.

Your plotting, scheming and mind conditioning will never get past the staging phase.

It's not gonna happen.


Because your cause is neither an evolution nor a revolution.


Mark Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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