On the twisted persecution complex of the Yellowtards

Rene, ang Saguisag ng Kultong Dilaw, writes of protests causing traffic jams in order to get the attention of the public to the abuses of the Duterte administration. But what of the abuses of the Yellowtards and their ilk in the last thirty years? Protests against any Yellowtard administration is unjustifiable as when the INC flexed its muscles against the PeNoy administration and disrupted EDSA traffic for how many days. The Yellowtards began sweating because they were afraid the end was at hand. Saguisag screamed rule of law while the Iglesia insisted on separation of Church and State over the case of one of its ministers going rogue.

The problem with the Yellowtards has always been the law being putty in their own hands - they twist it to their convenience when required. Thus, a loss at the Supreme Court results in protests. Leila De Lima is persecuted but Renato Corona is guilty of accumulating ill-gotten wealth and is prosecuted until the day he dies. The Yellowtards are always beside themselves with the issue of Marcos but make for strange bedfellows with the Left because it's the only issue they agree on. They could never make peace in their time despite one being the creation of the other. It's mutual cognitive dissonance where they believe whatever they want to far removed from the realities of the prevailing steam of consciousness. It's a shared suffering of persecution complex that Marcos inflicts even from the grave. Even time stops in this virtual reality of theirs.

In this continuum of virtual reality, Robredo is the epitome of the leader who can do no wrong while Duterte is the devil personified despite his taking pains to fulfill his promises to the people in the fastest way he can. While the majority of Filipinos prefer to move on to the future, the Yellowtards still want to go back to the past to relive their glory days. Marcos has moved on. He's been dead for the past twenty-seven years. Yet if the Yellowtards are to be believed, he is still alive. And so just to satisfy their inability to cope with the fact that they no longer have the people's support they now shout Duterte is Marcos.

How twisted is twisted?

RG San Luis as posted on Facebook.


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