Philippine schools should walk the talk and teach Filipinos how to THINK!

To schools and universities that encourage their students to fight for what is right, I ask you then to also respect their rights by:

1.  Respecting their rights to express freely by supporting, and not strictly regulating, student governments, student political parties, student organizations including not banning fraternities and sororities, and campus publications.

2.  Respecting their rights to express their identities, by not imposing school uniforms, and dress codes, and by allowing transgender and cross-dressers to dress according to their preferences, and by not regulating in any way their freedom to express their identities.

3.  By allowing them to smoke if with parental consent, and by allowing them to drink during field trips outside the official academic activities, again if with parental consent for those below 21 years of age.

4.  By strengthening the grievance procedures in which students can file complaints against faculty and school administrators without fear.

5.  Be institutionalizing student participation in the decision-making processes including but not limited to a seat in the Board of Regents or Trustees, and all academic and management committees, and in the determination of tuition fee increases.

6.  By adopting a more learner-centered approach in teaching and learning, and by encouraging activities that will develop critical thinking among them

The best way to make our students critical citizens is to begin with how we deal with them as students.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


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