Hunger for validation makes Filipinos latch onto shallow achievement

We suffer Inferiority complex on a national scale. Why else would we develop an irritating sense of "Pinoy Pride" whenever someone of at least 1/16th Filipino descent is an international achiever?

We are so hungry for validation in the international scene that even the most insipid and shallow achievement is celebrated as long as it is connected or associated with our national identity, no matter how vague or inconsequential that association may be.

In Adlerian psychology, inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is a subconscious phenomenon where individuals are prone to overcompensate through flamboyant achievements or extreme asocial behavior. It can stem from childhood. It is often caused in a household where children were constantly criticized or did not live up to parents' expectations OR when children were raised in families where everything is done for them, who have developed what Adler called a "pampered lifestyle." These individuals with "pampered lifestyle" would then develop a form of learned helplessness and will be unable to solve life problems without assistance.

I'm no psychiatrist, but really, you'll observe this phenomenon in many Pinoys' mentality; how we crave attention, how we always have yayas and alalays to do our simplest bidding, and how we react with glee whenever some foreigner eat our food or sing our songs as, for us, it is some sort of ego boost as our--for want of better word--"flavor" is worth recognition by the international community, OR the way we shout Pinoy Pride whenever someone of Filipino descent is recognized.

Ronn Zambia as posted on Facebook.


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