Anti-Marcos activists using unintelligent rhetoric in protest rallies reveal ill breeding

Again, I did not make a stand if I am agreeing or disagreeing to Marcos' burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). I was portraying my sadness to my fellow youth who cannot perform a rally without being barbaric in action and in words.

Go, rally lang kayo diyan for as long as you want, pero sana make it a time for mourning for your losses as well, make it a time to cry for justice for your lost loved ones.

Do not let hate poison your minds. Instead of saying hateful words, cry instead, cry because you disagree. Cry because you have lost a loved one when marcos was the president/dictator. Cry because you are paying for something that you didn't even borrow. Please, have courage to stand for your beliefs without removing your values. Please take time to read my opinion before commenting.

This is not about the burial people, wake up! This is me crying for the death of your values. This is me crying for your parents who taught you night by night sleeplessly to respect others. This is me praying that your parents will be proud of the words coming out of your mouths.

Photos are not mine.

Boris Hallig Panganiban as posted on Facebook.


  1. HAHAHA! Is that the attitudes of what we call the "Millennials," I think konti lang naman sila. The Aquarian Era is the pouring of more knowledge and specially spiritual and we are in that era now...


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