Slow response from anti-Marcos legal team at root of their FAILED advocacy

If you want President Duterte to follow the rule of law in his drug war, can you just please be consistent and respect the rule of law on every other issue, whether palatable to you or not, be it consistent with your advocacy or not.

And the rule of law is found in the tradition of the Courts.

You went to the Court for it to adjudicate.  It did, and a decision was made.

You had in your legal arsenal a remedy of filing an MR, you failed to do so promptly (a good lawyer always anticipate the worst, and would always prepare for an MR).

And you had at least the option of filing an urgent motion for the court to issue an order to prevent the Marcoses from acting so that your MR will not be mooted, and yet you did not do anything.

I respect your rage.  I respect your right.

But there are more than 100 million Filipinos with different perspectives.  In the end, the rule of law is the one that will have to reign supreme.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


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