Protest rallies organised by oligarchs and politicians routinely exploit youthful idealism

When I and other UP students took part in the rally that removed President Estrada in 2001, I felt proud for what I thought then was standing up for what was right, which was to remove an errant and corrupt leader. Idealism was at an all time high back then. Add the UP pride too.

Years later, I realized that joining that rally was a mistake. Our idealism as youths was taken advantage of by the politicians and the oligarchs. Our gullibility and idealism as youths, especially by us from UP, were used to violate the rule of law and satisfy the caprices of a few.

Almost 16 years since that happened, I can't help but feel sorry and enraged on how the youths are being used again by the opportunists.

(Credit goes to the owner of this photograph)

Benedict Exconde as posted on Facebook.


  1. Your post is kinda vague. What do you? Who was used by who? Can you please dig deeper? I wanna learn more.

    1. Don't act stupid. I know you knew what he's talking about. Well, in case you really dont know, here it is: The students are now again being used by the Yellow cult for their evil plans, to oust the current government. They succeeded 2 times, first in 1986 and then in 2001. This has been their strategy ever since. What is sad is that the youth never learn. I call on the parents not let their children get involve with this and get exploited by the cult that nothing but self-serving intentions.


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