Where was all the anti Martial Law "activism" over the last 30 years?? Sleeping??

Where the fuck have you all been?

Where the fuck was all the outcry when Imelda Marcos became a Leyte congresswoman in 1995 after the SC ruled in her favor in a disqualification case?

Where the fuck was all the outcry when she was cleared of all charges of taking money out of the country in 2008 due to "reasonable doubt"?

Where the fuck was all the outcry when the Aquinos, after taking power when the Marcoses fled the country after the People Power revolution, decided to divvy up many of the confiscated lands and properties among their own cronies, further perpetuating the abuse of power they claim to be correcting and depriving farmers of the chance to earn a decent livelihood? Dahil ba na si Cory yung manok nyo noon?

Where was the outcry when ALL OF YOU MORONS KNEW that the Marcoses wanted to bury him at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, yet enacted no laws to prevent this during the long, long, LONG years when lawmakers had the opportunity to do so.

Where was the outcry when Ramos was elected president, when valid claims of him cheating by Miriam Santiago came to the fore, when Ramos was LITERALLY THE PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY CHIEF, of the unit responsible for arresting and torturing majority of the Martial Law victims. Where is the outcry NOW, when Ramos is literally being treated today like he's allowed to have a fucking opinion on anything. Was it because his presidential term was marked by a period of economic progress? Is that why you think he should be given a pass? You mean like a lot of the Marcos supporters who enjoyed economic prosperity during his reign and therefore also gave him a pass for his horrible atrocities? Or naka-move on na kayo kay Ramos? Putangina.

Where were you all when the military men under Ramos' admin killed my friend and drowned him in the Pasig River for whistleblowing corruption in the ROTC - when I, as a frightened seventeen-year-old teen, looked around and saw no empathy? Nothing but "At least wala nang ROTC. Walang kwenta lang naman yun e. At least may oras na ako sa Sabado!" Putangina nyo.

Where was the outcry when history books were being revised not only to put Marcos in a more flattering light, but to put Ramos, the Aquinos, etc. as paragons of virtue who can do nothing wrong, without understanding the REAL political motivations behind the People Power Revolution? That the 'revolution' was originally engineered by Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramos because Marcos was on the verge of imprisoning THEM and they wanted to find a way out? That EVERYONE, from Manuel L. Quezon down to Rodrigo  Duterte (ironic that people would look up to Quezon and then demonize Duterte given their similarities, down to their womanizing ways and attempts to make peace with supposed 'enemies' - Quezon with Japan, and Duterte with China), is responsible for the shithole we're all in right now? Daig pa ang Wikipedia sa history books natin, anak ng kabobohang tokwa.

You want to know why the orange Shitlord von Fuckface is the US president-elect right now? Because everyone, Republicans and Democrats alike, sat on their hands and refused to acknowledge their own history. It's happening all over the world because people as a race are generally shit at remembering fuck-all. History repeats itself because we are morons, because we never believe that things happen unless it happens to us personally, because we wait around and assume someone else will clean up our own shitty messes.

Did you think this burial existed in some vacuum somewhere? Do you seriously believe that this burial was NOT a culmination of years of clusterfucks and blissful ignorance by legislators who sat on their hands and did nothing to ensure this bullshit does not happen, and that we were too complacent / lacked the foresight to make any earlier protests - bigger protests that would have brought this to light sooner, bigger protests that could have possibly mattered more in the legal scheme of things?

But no - we like or share a political post on Facebook and we think that counts as activism, and then bitch when we realize it makes little impact. Because we attack other people for opposing opinions, block or unfriend them on Facebook so that in the end what we have left is an echo chamber where we see people agreeing with what we believe in and then think that we're the majority because of it. And then news like this happens where we're pushed out of our own personal circlejerk and realize no, we are NOT THE GODDAMN MAJORITY AFTER ALL, and then FINALLY act. Without realizing we all did it to ourselves.

And now - ironically, hysterically, blissfully - we only choose to stage a protest NOW, at this point in time where we have the LEAST power to accomplish anything worthwhile. PUTANGINA, INANNOUNCE NA NGA NI DUTERTE NOON PA NA ILILIBING NYA SI MARCOS PERO MAY GUMALAW BA? SINABIHAN NA NGA TAYO E. Aanhin pa ang damo, kung LITERAL NA PATAY NA ANG DAMBUHALANG KABAYONG TO.

Putangina. Putangina nating lahat.

Erin Ko as posted on Facebook.


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