Desperate epic tantrum within Yellow Camp as Marcos laid to rest! #marcosnotahero

Hey yellows. I know it is difficult. You have been smacked in succession. The SC Ruling. Then Duterte's very good net satisfaction rafings. Kerwin Espinosa in town ready to spill the beans. And now the Marcoses legally blindsiding not only you but all of us.

Can you take a deep breath. Count 1 to 10. No. Make it up to 100. Get a massage. Go and detoxify.

Just stop ranting in the net since you end up making illogical statements.

You say the Marcoses undermined the Court but Ted Te already said not so.

You claim it was a secret burial. And then you look up the meaning of secret and you realize that it was not a hush hush. Only sudden but not a secret.

You use thief in the night as a pejorative yet you forgot that its a biblical phrase referring to the Lord.

So stop before you dig yourself even deeper. Anger and frustration can make you do stupid and illogical things.

Antonio Contreras as posted on Facebook.


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