Marcos is being buried at the LNMB as a President and soldier, not as a "hero"

49,000 buried at Libingan, and you protest the burial of a former President, and A CONFIRMED participant of the Bataan death march of soldiers who tried to defend the country against Japanese aggressio.   Ok I hear your point re human rights abuses, but has there been a single case proven that Marcos personally ORDERED somebody killed? A document or just eyewitness affidavit that Marcos adopted a state policy of killing and torturing those who were against his dictatorship, and ordered the PC to implement his order?   Will you protest the burial when the time comes for another president who had command responsibility over the Philippine Constabulary  that is accused of all these human rights abuses?  Should the government review  the record of each and every military man buried there to determine if he participated in some human rights abuses or killed an NPA, and if he did, order the exhumation of the  body?

OK. Swiss bank accounts were traced to be his, and this is very very bad.  But is that enough to erase  his being a President and a death-marcher? Please tell me if I'm  so very wrong when I say to the Yellows with placards "Marcos is not a hero", that he is not being buried there for being a hero, but solely for, as Duterte has said repeatedly, being a soldier and a president.

Marcos's biggest sin was that when he found out he had a debilitating disease in 1980, he still held on to power, which resulted ina  political crisis that combined with the 1983 global debt crisis to push the country into such deep recession 1983 to 1985 that is the real cause of our underdevelopment.

Bobi Tiglao as posted on Facebook.


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