Bam Aquino should stop acting like a spoilt brat and come to terms with DEMOCRACY

Bam Aquino says this is on Digong, Digong who was transparent about his position from the very start. You see, just because we disagree with some people's views doesn't necessarily make theirs wrong.

Our positions are shaped by a number of factors: our capacity to forgive, our intent to forget, our desire to move on, or our ability to see the bigger picture cognizant of the facts, past and present. The appreciation of the foregoing varies from one individual to another.

Choosing not to forgive or forget is a choice, and it is not a wrong choice. And the same can be said of the opposite.

Digong has his reasons and he's made them clear. And you are free to vehemently oppose it. But thing is, he campaigned on a platform of 1) War on Drugs; 2) A shift to a parliamentary-federal form of government; 3) The burial of President Marcos at the Libingan; etc.

And he received an overwhelming mandate in spite (or even because) of that. So what more do you want? Some senators want a referendum... the elections of 2016 were a referendum! Furthermore, the Supreme Court has spoken, the final arbiter of the law has spoken.

So that's the outcome of the 2016 elections (people) plus the Supreme Court (law).

But Bam wants to blame it on Digong, Bam the legislator who, along with his cabal of Yellow worshippers, didn't do anything to legislate a law that should prevent their worst nightmare from coming to life.

The Aquinos, et. al. had almost 3 decades to pass a law that would've made the LNMB burial impossible. Instead, they engaged in an epic media blitz to perpetuate their own myth of Yellow heroism and sainthood, a long-running saga of epalness.

Now Marcos the non-hero president and soldier is buried. And as ever, the Aquinos are nga-nga. Tarantado.

Blame Digong? Blame yourself.

Mike Acebedo  Lopez as posted on Facebook.


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