A message to the world's liberals following their loss of America

Dear losers,

Tough day, huh? It must be pretty shocking to realize that your rights-based-liberal-progressive-whatever worldview isn't shared by the majority.

I hate to interrupt your circle-jerk of a pity party, but here's some unsolicited advice.

Get over yourselves.

The world hasn't failed you. Disabuse yourself of that entitlement. Your worldview is just one among many - and this may surprise you - your absolute certainty that you are alone are right (and your opponents are dead wrong) is something everyone believes. The world will not adjust itself to suit your worldview. You will have to adjust to the world, or make efforts to change it.

To change the world, you need to change hearts and minds. You can't do that by derisively dismissing people on the other side as ignorant, racist bigots. These people, like you do, believed they are making the best decision for the country they love, and the families.

The people you dismiss as uneducated racist xenophobes might have lost their jobs to globalization, or the financial crisis triggered by Wall Street. The people you mock as stupid Marcosian zealots could be people who have been waiting for over a generation for the promises of EDSA to materialize, only to be disappointed by the same empty promises made by the same oligarch families.

The first woman presidential candidate lost to a misogynist, racist, Islamophobic hatemonger. Or, a maverick businessman stood up to the establishment, and beat a lying, corrupt, politician who abused power and position to enrich herself. A plundering dictator may be given a hero's burial he does not deserve. Or, a former president may be laid to rest to heal the wounds of division.

Every person makes what he considers to be a rational decision - we just have different baseline assumptions of how the world works. There is no right or wrong, only winners and losers on opposite sides.

I am not saying you don't have a right to feel bad, or whine about it. In fact, you should feel terrible right now. You lost, you bunch of losers.

What you shouldn't do, is quit. Keep believing in your ideals. Fight for them. Stand up for your principles, even if they have been repudiated by the majority.

Even as you continue the struggle, though, remember that this string of defeats warrants self-examination. Democracy has not failed. You have. Your ideals and institutions have.

Your movement will not progress unless it considers why and how it has failed the people who reject it. These people have legitimate reasons and concerns, and your arrogant disdain will not bring them over to your side. Your scornful attitude may make you feel better now, but that only betrays an elitist bigotry that makes you no better than the ones you mock.

The world still turns, and the sun will still rise tomorrow. Markets will trade, people will gossip, and DC movies will still continue to suck.

Your loss will not be an end unless you make it one.

With much schadenfreude,
Your friendly neighborhood contrarian

Chrysanthus Herrera as posted on Facebook.


  1. Just because Aquino is dishonest and imcompetent(Hillary Clinton) does not mean Marcos is good and to be admired(Trump)


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