Pro-Duterte anti-Marcos activists turned off by elitist exclusive cliques dominating chatter

I've been staunchly anti Marcos all my life. All my pro Marcos friends and family know that. I got offended when I was told--during the day itself--that the person who would be awarding me for some Yolanda achievement/award was Rep. Martin Romualdez. Had I known I would not have turned up at the ceremony. My hatred for Marcos extended to hatred of all Romualdezes running for office. I campaigned against them.  And it's not easy for somebody who grew up Waray in Leyte, and daughter of an Ilokano.

But apparently, I cannot mourn and I cannot grieve for the Marcos burial. I have no right, because I support Duterte. Because my support for Duterte is apparently reduced to one platform only: His support of the Marcoses. It doesn't matter to these self righteous people that Duterte to me is the Duterte who went to Tacloban only a day after Yolanda. It doesn't matter to them that to me Duterte represents hope after a corrupt and inefficient Aquino government. It doesn't matter to them that Duterte has given so much to the least of our FIlipino brothers, from the Lumads to the soldiers to the teachers.

What only matters to them is that Duterte supports Marcos. This is the elitist myopic view that have made it possible for somebody like Duterte to rise to power.

And so, because there are those who say I have no right to complain, I won't.

There are many, many like us who are pro Duterte and anti Marcos, and it is your loss--YOUR LOSS--that you do not have my voice and their voices to add to the clamor against Marcos. In a country that is overwhelmingly pro Marcos, from Ilocandia down to the Visayas and a Mindanao that supports Duterte, it is YOUR loss that you further thin your ranks by making this a YELLOW movement, and not an inclusive, nationwide one. You silence us with your derision, you keep us away with your selfishness.

Good luck, no movement in the world has ever succeeded by making it condemnatory, disparaging, and exclusionary.

I have hated Marcos all my life, but because by virtue of your sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, shortsighted attitude, you can have this fight.

This is yours. All yours.

(PS: At sa mga MDS supporters na maka condemn sa Duterte supporters? Mahiya naman kayo. Did you forget who her VP was? Kapal.)

Krizette Laureta Chu as posted on Facebook.


  1. The reason for this is because those who are pro-Duterte (including yourself) know that the burial will happen. Duterete, unlike the Marcoses, did not hide this fact. He actually promised that if he wins, Ferdinand Marcos will be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. You knew it was part of his plans in his campaign. Duterte supporters were too much in awe of his promise of change (which, by the way, can be change for the worse) that you let his Marcos burial plans slide. And now that he is staying true to his promise, you have the nerve to rally against it.

    You Durterte voters made it happen. You Duterte supporters are a huge part of this and very much buried Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Must I give you the benefit of the doubt that you voted for Duterte because of his other plans and that you had no idea about this one?

    Yes, you're right. It is a loss for us anti-Marcos because we lost support instead of gained some. But, it just looks like Duterte supporters are rallying for something that they indirectly caused.

    In short, you voted for him and his plans of burying Marcos in the LNMB, then why are you complaining?

    PS: I'm an MDS supporter and, talaga? Mahiya naman kami? Ang kapal namin? Duterte was obviously a Marcos fanatic and said then and there that he will have his remains buried in the LNMB. Whereas MDS said that she will follow whatever a majority vote decides. She said that during a debate that her running mate is obviously watching. That takes a lot of guts and courage.


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